Keenan O’Reilly

Keenan O'Reilly Updog Studios Cinematographer Bradenton FlKeenan joined the Updog Studios team as a filmmaker in August 2014. He works in all capacities of filmmaking from producing and directing to filming and editing. He may be the young buck of the team but he is ready and proven to make quality productions and he intends to do so for years to come. Keenan brings a new and unique style of filmmaking to the Updog team and their productions. He has produced projects like commercials, documentaries, and short films including his latest short, produced by Updog Studios, “Heading Nowhere.” Keenan is very dedicated to following Jesus and his walk with Him.

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  1. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of Updogs work. I feel you all will do incredible work in the film industry. Best to all of you.

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