Doritos Commercials

For the second consecutive year we here at Updog Studios have entered the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest. Last year (2013) it was one of the first projects we embarked on as a newly assembled team. With our concept centered primarily inside a car trapped in traffic we had plenty of extras on the road with our grips rigging some action shots and movements. The camera we used was the Canon 5d Mark iii.

This year (2014) the Inspiration Academy Film Academy students wrote the script with Jimmy as their professor. The remainder of the team, with students shadowing, executed the project. Students filled positions such as 1st assistant cameraman, script supervisor and grip. Jimmy also flew out one of his good friend, a Director from Los Angles, Kevin Wilson (seen on the couch in photo 4). He helped mentor this kids and teach them about directing a commercial, one of his specialties. Kevin won the Doritos competition a few years ago with Sling Baby. Our young actors absolutely nailed the look and feel we were aiming for and the final product still makes us laugh! The RED Scarlet was the camera used on set.

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